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Alpha96 only works with factories that are SA8000 certified, because this is the

highest form of internationally recognized certification. SA8000 is based on the

principles of international human rights.

It measures the performance of companies in eight areas that are important for

social responsibility in the workplace:

1. Child labor

2. Forced labor

3. Health and safety

4. Freedom of association and collective bargaining

5. Discrimination

6. Disciplinary practices

7. Working hours

8. Remuneration

Certification is done by Bureau Veritas and SGS, global players in testing,

certification and inspection. Unannounced interim inspections ensure the quality

of certification.


The world is constantly changing. We shape this dynamism in our company by constantly innovating, taking a fresh look at design and continuously exploring challenges in design and materials.

- We only work with factories that are SA8000 certified.

- The leather for our bags comes exclusively from LWG Silver (Leather Working Group) certified tanneries. These tanneries meet high (environmental) standards and sustainable choices are made for people and the environment. Water purification, tanning raw materials and the tanning process comply with strict regulations.

- We are going to measure the ecological footprint: currently we do not have a method for this.

- Demonstrable progress in sustainable packaging materials.

- We will give 2 % of our annual profit to support projects which focus on social empowerment of minorities, education and poverty.

- Achieve innovations in leather production by 2023 by working with the right partners.

- By 2030, we want to produce our bags completely recyclable.

- We want to do 90 percent of our transport by sea to reduce CO2 emissions.

- For CO2 emissions from B2C transport, we will measure emissions and then set targets for reducing them.

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