Alpha96 only works with factories that are SA8000 certified, because this is the

highest form of internationally recognized certification. SA8000 is based on the

principles of international human rights.

It measures the performance of companies in eight areas that are important for

social responsibility in the workplace:

1. Child labor

2. Forced labor

3. Health and safety

4. Freedom of association and collective bargaining

5. Discrimination

6. Disciplinary practices

7. Working hours

8. Remuneration

Certification is done by Bureau Veritas and SGS, global players in testing,

certification and inspection. Unannounced interim inspections ensure the quality

of certification.

PLUS we find it of the utmost importance that leather, our main raw material, is

tanned and processed responsibly with care for everyone involved and the

environment. The European standard regulation called "REACH" mentions the

minimum conditions that the leather industry has to meet.

Environmental aspects are - for all intents and purposes - not included in


We insist on a much higher standard. From 2022, our leather will come from

certified tanneries that produce in a more environmentally friendly way.

Tannery certification is new to our industry, and we place great value on it.

The Leather Working Group (LWG) certified tanneries meet high environmental

standards and make sustainable choices for people and the environment. This

means water purification, tanning raw materials and the tanning process comply

with much stricter rules going forward.