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markets exclusive brands

 for leather bags and accessories 


Our collections are exclusively designed in-house, embracing a unique

Dutch flair that adds that extra touch the Netherlands is known for.

Excitingly, we've officially become a B Corp member!

Fashion, trendy but with a sharp edge. Bags and accessories for the woman of today.

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Rise of Rosa




Our mission is to make sustainable leather products at an affordable price, making them accessible to a wide audience. We work sustainably for people and the environment, while continuing to innovate. In this way, we want to connect people and ensure a better life for the people who make our bags and those who use them. We want to inform the public honestly and transparently about these innovations.


Design of the
Lower Lands

Many products that are designed in the Netherlands are called "Dutch design". We experience design as more than the end product. It is about the road to it: the process in which designer and client work together, the application of new ideas and technologies with the willingness to reinvent the wheel together. Our bags radiate simplicity, functionality and innovation. Alpha96 products carry the label "Design of the Lower Lands" - a unique label, exclusive to Alpha96.


Alpha96 BV

Poort van Midden Gelderland Blauw 3
6666 LR  Heteren

Tel: +31(0)85 822 4723




We conduct business in a way that respects local and international norms and values. This includes following the United Nations Global Compact* and protecting internationally proclaimed human rights and labour standards.

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